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How to Keep a Mummy (Miira no Kaikata) Wiki

Motegi Asa is one of the main characters and one of Sora's classmates. She owns a dragon named Isao. She was also the strongest in their little group, and she's even able to carry a grown man in her arms with ease.


Asa has maroon hair, usually up in and round, pink eyes. She's usually seen wearing her school uniform which it consists of a blue blazer, a pink under-vest, and a blue bow-tie. She wears pink hair-clips with black stockings and a black skirt.


Motegi's very bright, outgoing and strong. She's also very caring and she's always willing to help out others who are in need.


Sora Kashiwagi[]


Motegi mistook Isao for a giant lizard and she was terrified of him, but Motegi was heartened by Isao's behavior and then the two of them became fast friends.

Daichi Tachiaki[]


At first, Motegi thought he was a stuffed toy, but after getting Isao, she discovered that he was a Mummy.