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Conny is an oni child owned by Tazuki Kamiya and he's one of the main characters. His name is the combination of ko-oni (oni child).


Conny is a small red oni child with two horns on his head, black eyes, and short gray hair. He has a protruding belly button, and wears yellow shorts with brown stripes. He has a scar on his right arm.


Conny's fairly dumb and has shown to be violent when things don't go his way. He has been known to take things, mainly food, that aren't his. He also seems to have a hard time communicating with others, especially humans.

Despite his behavior, he has a very kind heart. After he took Tazuki's sister's food, Conny went out to find her a flower to ask for forgiveness. Conny also went out in search of herbs when Sora and Mii were sick.


Tazuki Kamiya[]

At first, Tazuki and Conny didn't get along at all. Cause Tazuki didn't want anything to do with Conny, while Conny thought that they were very similar due to the scar on their arm. Then Tazuki tried to push Conny away, but through Conny's persistence, Tazuki took him in. But Tazuki showed his affection in cold ways, Conny would hit him for those mean comments he says to him. Still, they were at odds and ends, and they would sometimes argue. One time, Tazuki told Conny to leave, and Conny did "runaway" for a little while. That's when Tazuki admitted that he would never want Conny to actually leave. From now on, they seemed to be pretty good friends