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How to Keep a Mummy (Miira no Kaikata) Wiki

Mii, often addressed as Mii-kun, is one of the main characters and is owned by Sora. He was sent to Sora by Mokuren and has been his pet and companion since then. Despite being able to stand and walk, Mii runs on all fours like a dog when he wants to move fast.


Mii looks like a stuffed toy covered with bandages. Therefore, looks like a mummy, and he has plain-drawn eyes normally in a circular shape. Most of his appearances are drawn plainly. However, when he cries of loneliness/longingness of Sora he becomes out of shape, usually having rigid edges in his circular face.

He is also said to be cutest character in the series


Mii is usually shy, appreciative and very caring, akin to a little kid. He always wants to be with Sora, to the point that being alone makes him out of shape. Despite his shyness, Mii is actually friendly, as showing him kindness makes him open up easily. His greatest assets are his kindness and the fact that he's hardworking.


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